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Transfer money from Australia to the U.S.A. with bank-beating rates and no transaction fees. At FlashFX we make international money transfers easy. Use the currency calculator to get the best value for what you send.

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1 AUD = 0.6575 USD

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Save up to $188.48 AUD

Save up to 188.48 AUD when you convert 5,000.00 AUD to USD with us

FlashFX offers better exchange rates than the banks to help you save money when converting AUD to USD. By taking out the middleman from the transfer process we are able to offer more competitive conversion rates, speedier transfer times and zero transaction fees. Check out how we compare!

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FlashFX is regulated and licensed by AUSTRAC and ASIC - just like your bank. Take a look at what our customers say about us.

3 Easy Steps to send money to the U.S.A.

Step 1 - Create your account

It's easy! Register your details and verify yourself with two pieces of ID. Like a drivers licence and a utility bill. It will only take a few minutes.

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Step 2 - Send some money

Input the AUD amount you would like to transfer to U.S.A. and select the currency U.S.D. Provide us the recipients name, ACH (or routing no.) and an account number. Send your money to us and we'll handle the rest.

Step 3 - Track your transfer

Follow your money in real-time via your FlashFX dashboard. Come back anytime to see your history or transactions in progress.

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AUD to USD Rate History

Take a look at the historical mid-market exchange rates between the currency pairs of AUD/USD.

With USD being the world's reserve currency it becomes the preferred currency to own in times of economic uncertainty.


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USA Money Transfer FAQs…

The United States of America (USA) has a population of over 325 million people, making it third most populous country in the world behind China and India. The US government operates as a representative democracy and considered the world’s oldest surviving federation. There are two main political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Donald Trump is the current President.

The US economy ranks as the largest in the world by nominal GDP, accounting for approximately a quarter of global GDP. The 2008-2012 Global Financial Crisis significantly affected the United States and stemmed from the collapse of the US real-estate market and the subprime mortgage crisis.

When looking at the exchange rate, remember that the policies of the local reserve banks, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Federal Reserve (Fed), can have an important impact on the direction of AUD/USD. The US is both the world’s biggest importer and the second biggest exporter, making the value of the USD closely tied to the economic health of its biggest trading partners - China, Mexico and Canada.

To send money to the USA you’ll need the name on the recipient’s bank account, the routing number, SWIFT/BIC code and the bank account number. The routing number is a 9-digit code that is used to identify where the bank account was opened. It can also be known as an ABA routing number.

In some cases, FlashFX is able to send US dollars to the United States via an ACH payment. ACH payments are a US-only type of electronic transfer. The main difference between ACH payments and wire transfers are that ACH payments are processed in batches, rather than individually. ACH payments are generally cheaper than wire transfers because they eliminate any receiver bank fees. The downside is that they sometimes take longer to process. FlashFX is able to facilitate ACH payments because our partners use technology that connects them to local bank accounts in the US