FlashFX is Australian owned and founded by two ex-bankers, Nicolas Steiger and Michael O’Sullivan.

Both were frustrated by the Aussie banks monopoly on the international money transfer market, the long time delays to receive money, and the high fees charged to the customer.

So FlashFX was born. An innovative service that is underpinned by the latest technology and integrates with the global distributed ledger payments protocol, Ripple.

FlashFX gives the customer a faster, easy to use, transparent, cost efficient way to move money overseas.

It is the first Australian company with a digital Australian Financial Services License from ASIC and regulated by AUSTRAC.

Nicolas Steiger

Has held leadership positions in Westpac and UBS accumulating 15+ years experience in investment banking and financial experience across Australia, Europe, the US and Asia.

Having seen the choices available in other markets, Nicolas was amazed by how inefficient and poor money transfers can still be for Aussies. Since improving systems is in his DNA, he set out to make things better for everyone.

Michael O'Sullivan

A passionate technologist and start-up innovator with 25+ years experience building distributed systems. Along the way Michael has lead teams across Westpac, JP Morgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank to name a few.

An entrepreneur at heart who loves making finance tech that actually works for people and seeing positive change come out of it.


For too long, consumers have been denied control over their foreign currency transfers.
We believe…

You should be able to transfer money overseas as quickly as you can send an email.
The transfer platform experience should be simple and intuitive so that everyone feels comfortable using it.
There should be no hidden costs and that you are able to get the maximum value for your transfer.
You should be trusted to decide the FX rate you get, to choose when your transaction happens, and the fees you are charged. We want you to be able to have control over the process.
Transparency is paramount. No hidden surprises and you can track your transfer just like you would a parcel.
Above all, customers deserve to be treated fairly. And FlashFX can help make that happen.

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