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Our unique advisors mode provides your clients seamless access to secure, low cost international money transfers.

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Australia’s most innovative companies are trusting us to send and receive their international payments.

You’re in good company

Flash FX have cleverly combined ground breaking technologies and a fresh, innovative approach to an age old transactional service. There are so many benefits that flow from this high tech approach – but it isn’t these attributes that we value the most. The stand out differentiator for us is the “client service”.

Nicolas and his team have brought Swiss Private Bank style service to our clients, making them feel like they are dealing with an expert, “six star” concierge. This transforms and elevates the client experience and is in complete harmony with how we endeavour to deal with our clients.

Mark Minchin, Managing Partner

Minchin Moore Private Wealth Advisers

Here is everything you need to know

What is the price structure?

We will agree a fixed margin for your entire financial advisory business or group. Every client that you onboard with FlashFX will have access to this pricing, no matter how small the transfer amount.

FlashFX’s exchange rate margins are substantially discounted from those charged by the major banks and other payments providers in Australia. We also never charge transaction fees, unlike many of our competitors. Our commitment to fair rates and price transparency is something that both you and your clients will appreciate.

Is the exchange rate margin fixed for all transactions?

Yes. You will pre-agree a fixed margin (%) for your business and underlying clients during the sign-up process. This margin will remain the same for transactions of any size.

Do we have access to individual trade confirmations after each transaction?

Yes. Trade confirmations are accessible via your portal and can be downloaded in PDF form at any time once the transfer has been finalised.

Explain the onboarding process for our financial advisory group

We suggest to get in touch with us via the above “get connected” button. Every business is different and we’ll talk through the necessary documentation in due course.

As you would expect, we would need to identify your business, directors and major shareholders as well as get an understanding of your own compliance and verification processes.

Explain the onboarding process for an individual or company that we refer, and what documentation is required.

To onboard an individual under your group structure, we will require:

  • Full name
  • Residential address
  • Email and mobile phone
  • Date of Birth
  • A photo ID copy like drivers licence or passport
  • A recent proof of address confirmation (bank statement or utility bill)

If you wish to onboard a company structure, then we will require the above information for any director and major shareholder as well as:

  • Full legal name of entity
  • ABN /ACN
  • A copy of ASIC registration and/or ASIC company extract

Your business will have a referral link, where a client can sign up directly with us and we can link this account to your business directly, alternatively we offer to assist you in this process as part of our service offering.

Does FlashFX require additional KYC checks on any clients I onboard?

Yes, FlashFX is required to perform an independent KYC verification on any client you refer to us, however we trust that your financial advisory business has done the initial necessary KYC checks on your own clients.

There may be some circumstances when we ask you to provide additional identity documentation.

Can the client transfer himself via the platform?

Yes. Once the financial advisor has onboarded a client, he/she can be given access to the portal where they can set up their own transfer.

If they setup a transfer, you will always be notified of the transfer and the progress via email, or you can login to verify online.

Can the financial advisor create a transfer on behalf of the client?

Yes. The FlashFX portal lets financial advisors transfer money on behalf of their clients.

Will you keep me in the loop on payments progress?

Always. You’ll be able to track the status of any payment on your portal simply by logging in. We also send your regular email updates to let you know when the status of your payment has changed.

What if I need help outside of normal business hours?

We are here. When you sign up you will have a dedicated account manager who you can reach out to at any time. Our online chat feature is also staffed by real people throughout the day to answer any questions you may have.

What is the benefit of using FlashFX to my financial advisory business?

FlashFX will help you become a more trusted advisor with your clients. We give you easy access to institutional foreign exchange rates that will help your clients save money when they need to transfer between currencies.

We’ll also help you grow your brand and differentiate your business. Become one of the few financial advisors in Australia with the ability to price and execute foreign exchange on behalf of clients.

FlashFX is not permitted under law to offer any financial remuneration to businesses who onboard new clients onto our platform. However, we will offer you and your clients a win-win by improving the rate (hence save the client $$).

What is the benefit of using FlashFX for my clients?

FlashFX customers experience significant cost savings when they use us to transfer money overseas instead of their bank. They will appreciate the ability to access institutional foreign exchange rates and will be happy that they don’t have to pay additional transfer fees on every trade.

FlashFX’s price transparency and payment tracking capabilities will help them feel in control of their money.

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