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World class security is part of our DNA

World class security is part of our DNA

Being at the forefront of cross-border payments innovations also includes a FlashFX platform that incorporates world class security and safety measures for us and our customers.

Keeping our business and infrastructure secure and safe is not a “set and forget” but rather an on-going part of FlashFX business mantra.

Two-factor authentication

You choose how many security layers you want. Securely login via third party providers like Google, or enter One Time Password when sending payments, or highly secure login but using just your fingerprint? We’ve got you covered on these and other fronts.

Cloud based infrastructure

We’ve made sure the system is operational 24/7 thanks to the modern cloud technologies and modern distributed systems architectures. There is always a backup software, infrastructure or a plan in place whenever disasters happen.


FlashFX maintains a high degree of security best practices including end-to-end encryption, encryption at rest, and encryption key rotation on a regular schedule. These and numerous other practices give everyone a more protected environment to work with and a piece of mind regarding their data.


FATF - The Financial Action Task Force - released a new set of recommendations. One of them is asking financial institutions to use more modern authentication approaches like biometrics. FlashFX is on the forefront of authentication innovations allowing you to login to our website using just your fingerprint, which is much more secure than password login and significantly simpler than the One Time Password approach.

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