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Sending money has never been quicker

Sending money has never been quicker

FlashFX is using smart technology to help our clients move money around the world faster and more efficiently.

In a world where emails can be sent across borders in a matter of seconds, it is frustrating that international money transfers still take days to complete.

FlashFX is using Ripple’s powerful distributed ledger technology to bring payments into the twenty-first century. That means real-time delivery speeds, no unnecessary middlemen and cheaper rates. From retail senders to global institutions, our customers are experiencing the transformational effect of smart tech on their cross-border payments.

It’s time for an upgrade

The problem of long transfer times has plagued the international transfer business since the beginning. That’s because banks and other money transfer providers rely exclusively on the outdated SWIFT messaging system to get your money from A to B. In the SWIFT model, the sending and receiving banks rely on intermediary institutions that charge you to move your money along in the chain. That’s why it takes days for your money to arrive and the amount is often less than you were expecting.

The FlashFX difference: Ripple

FlashFX is delivering intelligent international money transfers with no hidden fees and in real-time thanks to Ripple, the instantaneous gross settlement, currency exchange and remittance network designed specifically for banks and payment networks.

Ripple removes the need for middlemen, making international payments sent through this channel decidedly cheaper and more efficient. Whether you are a remitter needing to send money home, or an institutional partner looking to connect to the global marketplace, our clients appreciate the unparalleled fund delivery speeds and price transparency of the FlashFX model.

In conjunction with Ripple payments, FlashFX also provides traditional SWIFT transfers to destinations or in currencies that are not yet Ripple-enabled. We are proud to be among the only global international money transfer companies to offer this flexibility.

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