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World's fastest international distributions

World's fastest international distributions

Near-instant fund delivery speeds are helping Australian businesses keep up with the pace of the global economy.

The global economy doesn’t sleep, and neither should your money. That’s why FlashFX has created a payments platform that can finally keep up with the speed of international commerce, and still outperform on cost.

FlashFX delivers real-time funds delivery with no hidden fees thanks to Ripple, the instantaneous gross settlement, currency exchange and remittance system designed specifically for banks and payment networks. Take advantage of our extensive global payments reach to expand your business’ dealings and make split-second transfers to 40 countries across 20 currencies.

In conjunction with Ripple payments, FlashFX also provides traditional SWIFT transfers to destinations or in currencies that are not yet Ripple-enabled. We are proud to be among the only global international money transfer companies to offer this flexibility.

Clients love how our smart payments technology has streamlined their business, and removed the unnecessary headaches typical of settling foreign currency invoices through a bank. Guaranteed, near-instant transfer speeds help build valuable trust with overseas suppliers, while giving businesses peace of mind that their funds will be delivered on-time. Join the many Australian businesses who already use FlashFX for their cross-border payments.

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