Documentation / Enable real-time payments to & from Australia

Enable real-time payments to & from Australia

Enable real-time payments to & from Australia

We accelerate how you do business with powerful technology, so our partners around the world can grow with confidence

Utilising our partnership with Ripple and access to their exclusive payment network & innovation technology, FlashFX’s ‘Flash Connect’ offers partners unprecedented transaction speeds for incoming and outgoing international payments. The days of re-routing through multiple correspondent banks and other legacy bank networks are over, with the use of digital assets over an exclusive distributed ledger network, payments take only seconds to arrive at their destination.

By partnering with FlashFX through our ‘Flash Connect’ solution, your business can take advantage of this powerful technology and leap forward in the evolution of payments. Only through FlashFX can overseas and Australian based financial institutions and remitters have access to this innovative payments model for inbound and outbound Australian payments.

Through ‘Flash Connect’ your business will be able to connect to new markets and expand services to deliver an unrivalled experience for your customers. By being at the forefront of innovation our partners have a strategic advantage over the competition, not only through real time payments, but 24/7 operations, major transaction cost savings and leading edge funds security.

‘Flash Connect’ provides the ultimate advantage to accelerate how our partners do business and to help them grow.

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