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Overseas money transfers are easy with FlashFX. Use the calculator to convert AUD to NOK to see how much you will save. We guarantee no transaction fees and great exchange rates every time.

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1 AUD = 6.0916 NOK

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Save up to $186.00 AUD!

Save up to 186.00 AUD when you convert 5,000.00 AUD to NOK with us

Unlike the banks, FlashFX streamlines the overseas money transfer process and passes the savings on to you. That's why we can offer a service that is secure, fast and low cost when converting AUD to NOK.

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FlashFX is regulated and licensed by AUSTRAC and ASIC - just like your bank. Check out what our customers say about us.

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Step 1 - Create your account

Signup in a flash. Verifying who you are is important to keep your money safe. All you will need is a photo ID and a proof of address.

Step 2 - Send some money

Let us know who the recipient is and their bank details. As soon as we've received your money, we'll send it in a flash.

Step 3 - Track your transfer

Follow your money in real-time via your FlashFX dashboard. Come back anytime to see your history or transactions in progress.

AUD to NOK Rate History

Exchange rates are always fluctuating, so the rate you see today is unlikely to be the rate you get tomorrow. When converting AUD to NOK understand that there are many factors that could influence the direction of the exchange rate, but most important is to be aware of the trend that is occuring.


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